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We are Tangleverse,
the bridge makers in
the tangle triad

Get to know us.

Tangle Triad


Our mission is to create the central ecosystem website for all projects from all ISA networks. We summarize and display important project, token and price information, including everything decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized identity (DID), crypto-games, decentralized data-storage and many more. Tangleverse will be continuously improved over time based on community suggestions and feedback.

02What we offer

  • Projects

    The main mission Tangleverse will always be to promote the IOTA, Shimmer, and Assembly (together: ISA) ecosystems by highlighting their projects, start-ups, and tokens. On our frontpage, you will always find an up-to-date list of projects together with all the important information that you need a first glance – including links to further resources.

  • Education

    Tangleverse is the first place any newcomer to IOTA, Shimmer or Assembly should visit. You will find an increasing amount of absolute beginner information about the tech and application of these high-end networks. We will present and link carefully chosen resources, texts, and videos that will help you get into this new rabbit hole of Tangle-based networks.

  • Updates

    Stay up-to-date with ISA's most reliable news aggregator and our ISA ecosystem calendar. You won't miss any important releases, news, events, or other happenings that are important for the ISA networks and ecosystems.

03People behind

  • LinusLinus

    Vision and Coordination

  • PatrickPatrick (Pathin)

    Vision and Dev